If you’re ever looking for something fun to do on women’s day, a friends birthday or a kitchen tea, this is the perfect experience. At first I was a little confused by the term “tea-tasting”, I’ve always been too familiar with wine tasting, but tea tasting was a first. The big bonus was that the venue and organizers Blue Bay Lodge were not only close to home, but one of my favorite places 🙂 I first fell in love with the venue back in Feb when David and I enjoyed a special Valentine’s Day picnic on their deck. Since then I haven’t been able to get enough of the place!It has an amazing balance between modern and vintage and their newly built cocktail lounge blends in perfectly with the original architecture of the building, I couldn’t have designed or decorated it any any better.

So back to the actual tea-tasting, as always the staff at the lodge were beyond friendly and accommodating, we were greeted at the door with smiles, champagne glasses filled with refreshing ice tea and a gift bag 🙂 We found seats with some friendly looking ladies and waited for the event to begin 🙂 Most of you know me by now and probably guessed that this is where my patience ran out and I couldn’t wait to see what was in my gift bag 🙂 Besides being filled to the brim with business cards and promotional brochures there WAS in fact something magical 😀 A Simply Bee hand cream sample!This is by far my favorite item in the bag 🙂 I of course loved the Rooibos Cherry-Orange Tea sample we got from Carmien Tea but the hand cream has quickly become a life saver 🙂 As with all Simply Bee products it’s completely organic, some of the ingredients include,  beeswax, avocado and nut oil. Simply Bee has a lovely shop in Hopefield Western Cape, but if you’re in Vredenburg you’re in luck as you can find most of their products at Bohemi Wellness Studio.

Blue Bay Lodge Saldanha Bay Giftbag

After the introductions and thank you’s we were each given a little plate with a macaron, a turkish delight and a slice of cucumber. This was what we were going to pair the different teas with 🙂 And man did I “pair” those little buggers, lol each item suited each tea perfectly!! My taste buds loved the experience and I just might never go back to wine tasting ever again! lol Carmien Tea you have officially won me over 🙂


The first tea we tasted was a refreshing palate cleanser aptly named Resfresh with hints of Green Honeybush, Rooibos and Mint, this we paired with the slice of cucumber and as you can imagine the mint and cucumber went together perfectly! As a side note – I would love to make this tea and put it into a spritzer bottle and use as a skin/facial toner – since its a green tea, it should also be very rich in anti-oxidants 🙂

We then got to taste the Vintage Romance, this tea contains Rooibos, Honeybush, Rosebuds, Rose Petals, Rosehip, Lavender, Forest Berry Blend, Calendula (whatever that is?), Hibiscus and Orange peel 🙂 The Turkish Delight complimented this perfectly.

Carmien obviously left the best for last with the Cookies and Cream, this was hands down my favorite out of all 3! Not only because we paired it with one of a kind macarons from A Cake Story, but also because of it’s down right awesome flavour!!Ingredients include, Rooibos, Desiccated coconut and cookies and cream flavouring 🙂

Blue Bay Lodge Saldanha Bay (6)

So after indulging in tea for the first time ever it was time for us to learn how to set a delft blue table from Hannes Koegelenberg (the food stylist for Ideas Magazine) I wish I could share more with you guys but much to my disappointment we could not really see or hear much from our table in the corner and by the time I had made my way to the table to take some photos he had already packed up 🙁 this was surprising as I had only been at the other stalls for about 20 mins. Hopefully they’ll keep things set up for a bit longer next time 🙂

Another thing that didn’t work out too well was the food situation, since the event was held right during lunch hour (10am-2pm) everyone was starving! Imagine +- 100 women trying to get to food in a 4x4m space – lol it looked like the hunger games – In the end you had to settle for whatever was left – Those wanting savory food were left dissapointed when there were obviously some miscalculations made – I remember almost tackling another lady for a spring roll lol!

Apart from that and some glitches at the prize giving the rest of the event turned out great!There were a few stalls around selling jewelry, handbags, beauty products and tea 🙂 After we got our fill we made our way to the section where the Moooi Fashion show and prize givings would take place 🙂 I absolutely loved the Fashion Show! I tried to take a video but somehow messed up the entire thing!Luckily I also took some photos, but got none of my favorite outfits – The resort wear 🙂 A big applause to all the ladies who walked in the fashion show 🙂 You all looked stunning!

All in all it was an amazing experience and I can’t wait for another event at Blue Bay Lodge 🙂 PS. Since Blue Bay Lodge doesn’t offer tea tasting every day, be sure to check out Carmien Tea in Citrusdal 🙂 There you’ll not only be able to taste teas but also go on a tour and see how these unique teas are made 🙂


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