One of the many wonderful things about having a close friend is being able to swap and borrow clothes 🙂 For me its almost like having another sister 🙂 Cindy I decided that we would love to do a fashion shoot, but since we didn’t really have much of a wardrobe or thousands of rand to go and buy new garments (we’re both saving up for something special), we decided to combine pieces from both of our closets 🙂 And lucky for us our awesome model Leona brought a few things as well 🙂

This was hands down one of my favorite photo shoots ever (Thank you Cindy) 🙂 We got to take our time, have some wine 😛 do make-up and style the perfect outfits, some of the garments are available at Edgars or Mr Price, but if you have a question about any specific one feel free to comment and I’ll let you know where you can find it 🙂

On another note, I was thinking that a capsule closet photo-shoot would be a great idea, so lets say we take 15 items from our collection, and mix and match them to create 25 different outfits, hmmm that would take some strategic thinking but I’m sure we could do it if we add some great base items 🙂  I’ll have to think about that one 🙂

So without boring you any further, here are Cindy’s stunning photos 🙂

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