Hey guys 🙂 Since I really wanted to launch my revamped blog with a bang I asked Cindy to write us a guest post on her recent travels to Majorca, Spain 🙂 I hope you guys enjoy seeing Majorca through her eyes 🙂

Last year I had the opportunity to visit this beautiful Island, although only for a week, it was a wonderful experience.

The most beautiful blue waters, wonderful architecture and great cuisines.

First we visited this Island when a heat wave was also visiting. I packed the most beautiful clothes to show off and shoes to accompany. What did I end up wearing? No make-up, wet hair everyday and a bathing suit. The heat and humidity was so high, I was considering taking the air-con with me on the road. But on the other hand that was an excuse to try all the different beers and wines while being in the water all day.

What I really loved, was the tapas they had to offer. The taste was just extremely different from what I was used to. Full of flavor and color.  Sure we get it here in South Africa as well, but I think just because I was in Spain, it tasted better. a different better.

The Med-season, a well know time for all the yachtsmen to show off their pride and joy, is in full swing during this time as well. Also because its summer vacation. To see all these marvelous ladies, what I like to call them, moored in the Marinas, the one being bigger and shinier than the one before, sure is a great experience.

I didn’t get to experience all that I planned in my head, due to only having a week to fit all in. I did however get to visit the old part of Palma. A lot of character and history. I fell in love with it. It’s alive with people, culture and wonderful old buildings.

When visiting a foreign county, I am always scared of what I should and shouldn’t do. But the people are friendly and welcoming and always assisted when I had that lost look in my eyes.

Read more about this beautiful Island here: https://www.seemallorca.com/palma


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