It’s been a little over a week since I played the assistant to my close friend and photographer, Cindy Coetzee. I still find myself daydreaming about how beautiful and well put together everything was 🙂 If I’ve learnt anything from my day as a photographer’s assistant it’s that no one will ever know how much hard work, planning, and preparation goes into taking a single shot. It made me think back to all the beautiful photos I’ve seen over the years, how I appreciated the beauty of the photo at that moment not realizing that the photographer probably had to carry hordes of equipment, drive around collecting props, nights spent making plans and then scrapping them only to use them again 🙂 All while smiling, why?  because they’re doing what they love:)  An image lasts a lifetime, and if done correctly will be around much longer than the photographer will. It’s a scary thought, but true. Writers, architects, musicians, photographers etc. all have one thing in common, if created perfectly, a timeless masterpiece can be born and I definitely feel we created some of those “last-a-lifetime” images that day 🙂

One Saturday – 3 themes – 2 locations

I already mentioned being a photographer’s assistant can be hard work, and luckily this photographer’s my friend because man did I wake up feeling awful! We spent the Friday night before the photo shoot at my house arranging the flowers and making sure we got everything ready for the next morning.

Of course, this couldn’t be done without opening a bottle of wine AND champagne, celebrating maybe a day too early, lol I got to bed at a semi-decent hour, but once in, the sugar from all the bubbly came rushing through. I couldn’t stop thinking about everything that still had to be done the next day – Needless to say, I felt like death warmed up, but I did my best to try and focus on what needed to be done and not overdosing on Bioplus!lol


The first theme we did was some intense and dramatic photos of our model Sonja Wilson-Kruger who looked striking in a black belted jumpsuit. Her hair pulled back and slightly curled, she looked perfect 🙂

(Quick update: When I migrated my site I lost all images in galleries 🙁 I do however still have all Cindy’s beautiful photos below, the only ones missing are my fun behind the scenes pics 🙂

The second, a whimsical tea-party theme also featuring Sonja who looks way less serious and much more fairy princess-like in her teal and macrame dresses 🙂  I loved this delicate floral theme, hints of Alice in Wonderland with mismatched vintage teacups, cupcakes and a floral-inspired cake topped with a dainty edible teacup done by Natasha Pieters Vd Watt from Tasha’s Pantry  in Saldanha Bay, yummy desserts and pastries everywhere. (And yes!We got to eat them afterwards 😀 lol)

(What you don’t see: Cindy’s bakkie getting stuck in the sand, haha luckily we had some man power come and bail us out 🙂

The last theme a romantic, beach, sunset couples shoot. Our models, real-life couple Johanda van Niekerk and Ryno Stols. A big thank you to Johanda who did the hair and makeup for all 3 photo shoots, she obviously did a wonderful job 🙂 – Johanda owns Inifinty Hair Studio, an awesome hair salon in Vredenburg 🙂

(What you don’t see: Cindy and I carrying a table, chair and other equipment down dodgy beach steps while being bitten by ants!!lol After carrying everything back up we sat on the beach, had a beer and laughed about the day 🙂 A big thank you to Cindy who allowed me to be part of this experience 🙂 I’ll happily be a helping hand in the future 🙂 🙂

Finally you get to what the day was all about, Cindy’s awesome photo’s 🙂

A note from the Photographer:

“Thank you to everyone who helped make this day a success, to the models Sonja, Johanda and Ryno thank you for being so patient and such great sports, you are all one in a million! Thank you to Johanda who supplied hair, makeup and dresses for all 3 themes, you are a star. A big thanks to Nadine van Tonder who helped us arrange the flowers and thank you to Natasha Pieters Vd Watt from Tasha’s Pantry for the cake and cupcakes, they were beautiful. Last but not least a big thank you to my other half Edrick, without him this wouldn’t have been possible.

Hair, makeup and dresses by: Johanda van Niekerk – Infinity Hair Studio Vredenburg

Sonja’s earings by: Marlize Coetzee

Cake and Cupcakes by: Tasha’s Pantry Saldanha Bay


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