As the seasons change it’s probably a good idea to switch up your “go-to” handbag 🙂 while glitzy clutches and dainty leather/lace bags are great for events or going out, your everyday handbag should be something reliable, sturdy, spacious, well organized and most importantly still fashionable 🙂

I have had the same olive green Kangol cross body bag for almost 11 years and it still works perfectly 🙂 it probably needs some new stitching here and there but it’s still one of the best bags I have, because of its size it’s always great for running errands and keeping my books or notebooks 🙂

Let me know what your favorite handbags are this season 🙂 Here are a few of mine, some are obviously from my “dream-closet” but others aren’t that expensive at all 🙂

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