So I might be thrown under the bus for this but I am completely addicted to the new Kendall and Kylie game 🙂 🙂 I remember when the Kim Kardashian game first came out I couldn’t stop playing either, but after losing all my progress due to a glitch I never really played again. However I’m glad I did start playing the Kendall and Kylie game because it’s so much fun 🙂 I prefer the clothing selection in the Kim K game but adding the social media pages as well as the realistic relationships and conversations to the Kendall and Kylie game gave it a different dimension 🙂

Buying select and “trendy” outfits can become quite expensive, but I feel the excitement of getting your daily gift box and separate Kendall and Kylie gift boxes every other day makes up for that 🙂 So it’s not impossible to get great clothing but it does take longer if you’re not prepared to buy special diamond packs.

All in all you get to take selfies,post them on your social media page, hangout and work with your “friends”, change outfits, go on appearances, dates and even have an intense rivalry with the infamous Aubrey Maddison 🙂

A few screenshots from my game 🙂

For iPhones – download the Kendall and Kylie game here:


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