So I thought it’s time I share another awesome makeup tutorial with you guys 🙂 You all probably know that I’m no expert when it comes to makeup, but I must say I’ve been super impressed with myself lately 🙂 practice truly does make perfect – well almost perfect in my case 🙂 still a long way to go, trial and error all the wayyy 😀

So here’s what I used to get the look, (check out the before and after photo below, as well as a pretty pic I took of the products I used 🙂 🙂 I had my cat (Marley) photobombing me the whole time, so glad I could, at least, get one usable pic 🙂

1. I washed my face, applied my day moisturizer and left it for a few minutes until my face was completely dry 🙂 (I used the waiting time to make myself some tea, it’s fun drinking tea, doing makeup and listening to some music 🙂

2. I used the Baby Skin instant pore eraser by Maybelline over my entire face 🙂 – this is probably the softest, nicest primer I have ever used, it really does leave your skin feeling baby soft and your pores are almost invisible 🙂 it’s also pretty affordable, I paid just over R80 if I remember correctly 🙂

3. Next I used the cover stick to cover all imperfections and marks I don’t like (zits!) 🙂 I like this one from Essence because of how easily it glides on and suits my skin tone perfectly 🙂 it’s not expensive and covers everything I want to cover 🙂



4. Finally, it’s time for some foundation, what’s awesome is that I’ve applied the Baby Skin primer, this makes my foundation last longer and also leaves a smooth finished look 🙂 today I used one of my all time favorite foundations – Maybelline Dream matte Mousse, it’s silky softness like you’ve never felt it before, I use this over my entire face and neck area blending well with the cover stick – lol this is starting to sound like a recipe 🙂  PS. A cheaper alternative is the essence mousse foundation, it feels just as nice and soft 🙂

5. Next I used the cover stick to highlight my outer/inner eyebrow if that makes sense 😛 blend lightly with your foundation brush 🙂

6. I used Maybelline’s gel liner to line my upper eyelid, I did a small wing tip at the edge and then used a blending sponge to blend it slightly.

5. After curling my lashes I used the Maybelline lasting drama eye pencil to only line my upper eyelid, I also used some of my old mascara from the last post 🙂 Rimmel I think 🙂 I like only lining my upper eyelid, this opens up my eyes and makes them look a bit bigger.

6. I then used the essence eyebrow kit to fill in and shape my eyebrows, this is such a cool tool :P, it includes eyebrows stencils so you can easily work your magic 🙂

7. Almost done 🙂 Second last step was some setting powder by Rimmel 🙂 and then the MaxFactor bronzing powder along the cheek bones 🙂 blend the two powders until you feel you’ve achieved a nice consistent even look 🙂 instead of using a contouring kit, I used the bronzer to shape and contour my nose, cheeks and chin 🙂

And voila, I’m done 🙂 this did take a bit longer than what I would normally spend but I think it’s always great to put in some extra effort when you’re going on a date or some special occasion 🙂

I hope you like it, please feel free to leave me some feedback and follow me on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, all links are on my sidebar ✌️✌✌

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