Where I’m from snowy Christmases are pretty much only seen on TV 🙂 Here in South Africa we spend sunny Christmas days with our families, sitting outside, eating Watermelon and Malva pudding 🙂 Since I was much younger I would always watch Christmas movies with my sisters, we would talk about how cool it would be if it would actually snow on Christmas, what was eggnog? and why in the world would someone cut off a real tree o.O 🙂 🙂
The one thing I always loved and couldn’t help but want was an Ugly Christmas sweater 😀 I could see myself snuggling up in a comfy Rudolph sweater, eggnog in one hand, ornaments in the other decorating my REAL Christmas tree.
Here are a few of the cutest Ugly Sweaters I came across while doing some online window obsessing 😀 😀 and the bonus, they are all super affordable 😀
Ugly Christmas Sweather Fashion blogger


Sweater pullover
425 ZAR – pinkqueen.com

Loose sweater
330 ZAR – shein.com

Navy shirt
195 ZAR – pinkqueen.com

ONLY christmas top
340 ZAR – thehut.com

Chicnova Fashion christmas sweater
330 ZAR – chicnova.com

Pilot christmas top

450 ZAR – pilotuk.com

Chicnova Fashion christmas top
195 ZAR – chicnova.com

Snowflake legging
225 ZAR – boohoo.com

Muk Luks fold-over boots
775 ZAR – overstock.com

Casetify tech accessory
595 ZAR – casetify.com

Christmas holiday decor
525 ZAR – kmart.com

L L Bean holiday decoration
445 ZAR – llbean.com

Kurt adler tree topper
99 ZAR – christmasltd.com


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