It’s always a good idea to invest in a good quality scrub and moisturiser after the harsh winter months, I find it particularly difficult to bounce back to my dewy summer glow because of the Western Cape ‘s extreme dry and windy winter months. Luckily there are some amazing products out there that make looking and feeling gorgeous easy 🙂

So my first course of action after putting small amounts of money aside during the winter,  is to get myself a good face and body scrub/moisturiser, this is important because exfoliating your skin not only removes dead cells but improves your skins circulation, which leads to healthier, smoother looking skin.
I then apply the moisturiser (after toning) to my clean, fresh face. Applying moisturiser after exfoliation allows for deeper penetration which in turn is more effective. I’ve also found moisturising my skin after a nice bath or shower really helps lock in the moisture and makes my skin feel soft and smooth for longer.
Here are a few of my favorite moisturising products, do not let the prices scare you as I only do this once a year for some intensive repair, after about a month I go back to using my good old Isabella Garcia moisturiser 🙂 🙂


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